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SCADA on your WATCH!

Keep up with the Times

Extreme Endeavors brings you the next step in the IoT Revolution

IoT at its Best!

One glance at your wrist and you know exactly what is happening in your water system

Real-Time Monitoring on Your Watch

Giving you peace of mind and real-time control

SCADA on your Watch brings you the latest IoT technology in its most convenient form. Water automation on your wrist. Imagine being able to monitor your tanks and control your pumps – all from your Extreme Endeavors’ SCADA on your Watch. Oh, and did we forget to say - it even tells the time! Alerts don’t understand Do Not Disturb, but we do. It’s not always easy to access your phone. So, whether you’re in a ditch trying to stop a leak, in an important meeting, or even out for dinner – you can simply glance at your watch and see the latest status alerts.

Speak to one of our experienced team to see if SCADA on your Watch is right for you!

Experience Matters

We understand what it’s like to be at the sharp end - managing miles of distribution pipes, on-call 24 hours a day, in all weathers. We know it’s not easy. Extreme Endeavors SCADA on your Watch is the next step in the IoT Revolution, bringing you a timely, efficient, cost-effective solution and most importantly freeing up your time.