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Rare Earth Element Mining with West Virginia University

Question: How Can we mine rare earth elements in the United States?

Problem: Rare earth elements are typically dispersed and not often found concentrated.This makes them difficult to mine.

  • West Virginia University contracted with Extreme Endeavors to design and fabricate a specialized trailer that will be used to research the mining of rare earth elements.

  • The assembly in the trailer included: a compressed air system, VFD controlled pumps, 100 amp service, 600-gallon water holding capacity, and automated dosing of sodium hydroxide. All of this is monitored and controlled via a network connection.

  • Water holding tanks, specialized pumps and a filtration system were automated and mounted in a Trailer, allowing the university to perform research at mining sites around West Virginia.

  • Extreme Endeavors assisted WVU in mining for tasking needed to operate the trailer.