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    System Development

    Automation, control and communication for some of the most  diverse areas around.  Our clients range from large corporations to small public service districts.

    Your Idea

    Contact Extreme Endeavors with your initial idea of what you need. We will then  question the application and implementation, and we will find a solution that fits your budget.

    Design, Fabrication, Installation and Maintenance

    From hammering out the details of that initial concept to making sure your operation is running as smoothly as possible, we make sure that the technology is seen as beneficial.

    We find the problems before they actually become problems.

    Our customers are amazed at the integration of our technology and the way we think through the "details" that help eliminate the problems  that are sometimes encountered with automation, monitoring and technology in general.

    Water Systems

    SCADA and Telemetry

    Originally, we thought it would be the technology we developed that would propel us to being successful in the water industry; however, we soon realized that it was superior service that brings our customers back again and again.  When you contact us, expect a response the same day! There is no need to wait weeks or months. Remember, we are here to serve you!



    Communication is the backbone to the a quality water control system. Extreme Endeavors employs various technologies, including but not limited to radios, microwave links and cell connection solutions. The goal is to make your communication as reliable as possible!



    Working with graphic artists from around the world, we design your control system imagery to meet your needs. This imagery sits on top of a data base and several windows processes which make one of the most unbelievably stable control systems.


    Beyond Expectation

    Power monitoring to keep your pumps running alarms, visual feedback and anything else you desire. We can add special features to meet your needs.


    Cut your costs by automating the process and/or assembly.  We can help transform your operation to peak efficiency with one person, behind a computer, controlling everything.


    Chemical Process

    Dosing of chemical products and controlling the state of the product using sensors and feedback.


    Machine Vision

    Development of computer algorithms for visual inspection of you process for both production and quality control


    Remain Competitive

    We enable technology to help your business remain competitive, cutting your costs, increasing efficiency and improving quality.

    Environmental Monitoring

    From Antarctica to Hellhole cave, Extreme Endeavors accesses some of the most extreme environments to set up monitoring systems.


    Scientific Research

    Extreme Endeavors measured the rebound of the Trans-Antarctic Mountains For NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


    Cave Monitoring In Hellhole and Schoolhouse

    We measured and qualified the environment inside of caves for industrial permitting requirements.


    Stream Water Monitoring

    We measured the PH level and insured safe and effective treatment of Acid Mine Drainage.