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Digital Twin, SCADA, Telemetry and Automation


    Extreme Endeavors SCADA Systems are truly Extreme. Our Digital Twin Technology will provide a 3D Visualization of your Water System in Real-Time.

    IoT and Cloud Technology allow us to provide advanced features that our competition can't touch. Extreme Endeavors easy monitoring, and legendary customer service transcends those of any other water automation system in use today. We strive to provide each district with a cutting edge system at an affordable cost.

    Specializing in Water Production, Distribution, Wastewater, and Industrial Process Treatment

    Water distribution systems are our most popular, for the simple reason, it saves the customer a lot of money! Elimination of driving around to turn pumps on and off and checking tank levels allow the worker to focus on other tasks such as finding leaks or supporting customers.

    Web-based access of live data for all your remote tank sites, pump stations, and valve stations. Additionally, these systems include preventative maintenance features which will leave you assured that your station equipment is running at an optimal level.

    Our goal is to work with your operators and engineers to create the most suited control system for your plants needs.

    Extreme Endeavors water plant automation provides easy management for water production facilities.

    Our systems provide peace of mind throughout the production process and while you're away from the plant.

    • real time data to your smart phone or computer
    • critical notifications and alarms
    • stress free exporting for periodic reporting

    Avoid fines and document that your district is discharging of water properly with our SCADA for wastewater.

    Web-based user interface provides control of your discharge and the current status of your lift stations at a glance.

    Check a variety of data including, but not limited to:

    • Dissolved Oxygen
    • pH
    • Wet Well Level
    • Daily Flow
    • High Levels
    • Low Levels

    Many industrial processes rely on water and Extreme Endeavors SCADA has been proven to facilitate this need as well.  Everything from Acid Mine Drainage remediation to the processing of clean water for the food and beverage industry.

    We understand the importance of a user friendly interface. Considering the water operators are the user and spend a tremendous amount of time monitoring and controlling their system, each interface is custom designed by a collaborative process between the water operators, Extreme Endeavors software engineers, and our graphics artist Cientoveinte

    Each district is unique, what is your biggest challenge when it comes to daily operations?

      Take a look at what our Customers have to say!

      Andy Malcolm
      Extreme Endeavors is always quick to respond to problems. It's good knowing someone will answer our call in an emergency. We've counted on them for years and will continue to do so.

      — Andy Malcolm

      Chief Operator -- Huttonsville PSD

      Mike Dotson
      Odyssey has entrusted our business with Extreme Endeavors for the past 8 years and it was one of the best decisions we have made. They are responsive, dedicated, reliable, and experts in their field, which provides us with an incredible partnership.

      — Mike Dotson

      Odyssey Rehabilitation

      Valli Davis
      Extreme Endeavors is the creator of Central Barbour PSD's telemetry system (scads system). We were the company's first system. Mike Masterman and his staff worked unceasingly until everything was running smoothly. They are quick to respond to any need and always work above and beyond to assist us in any way.

      — Valli Davis

      Manager -- Central Barbour PSD

      The Borg Collective
      The Borg Collective could not have been realized without automation from Extreme Endeavors.

      — The Borg Collective

      (Okay, we made this one up. And if you don't understand the joke, call us and we'll explain.)

      Jeff May
      I have a great working relationship with Extreme Endeavors. Mike and Travis et al are excellent partners in monitoring this system and are very attentive to our needs.

      — Jeff May

      Chief Operator -- Mt. Hope Water Association

      Jeff Lamm
      We recently purchased our SCADA system and installed this month of October 2021. Mike and his crew were very upfront and thorough during the installation process. Travis spent time showing the General Manager how to set up and navigate the various screens. We were also advised that they are only a phone call away and would continue to monitor and make fine tune adjustments as needed.

      — Jeff Lamm

      General Manager -- Fountain PSD

      Standard Features

      We offer an impressive list of standard features that are needed to run water production and distribution. With more features than ever before, our system is critical to your operation.

      Each interface is custom designed by a collaborative process between our engineers, our graphic artist and the districts water operators

      You can verify pump activity to ensure optimal efficiency with continuous observation and automated reporting.

      Our intelligent program design proactively communicates status, issues, and generates updates that keep you informed and in control.

      Using 100% off-the-grid, continuous communication, our technology allows you to see tank levels in real-time regardless of location.

      We design, install, and service the most sophisticated, yet cost-effective technologies to automate your clean water and wastewater plant operations.

      Imagine a NASA-like mission control center that safeguards your district, protects its citizens, and guarantees access to water, the most vital substance to life on earth.

      Advanced Features

      Select the features you want, just like when buying that exotic car, you pick features that appeal to your district.

      Extreme Endeavors Newest Development for Our Internet of Things (IoT) SCADA System

      Internet of Things (IoT) Technology in its Most Convenient Form, On Your Wrist Watch!

      Monitor Your Tanks and Control Your Pumps All From Extreme Endeavors Smart Watch

      See Alerts in Real Time and Acknowledge Alarms!

      KPI Image (1)

      The Perfect tool for the Board of Directors of a Public Service District and the Management Team of a town/city.

      Fortune 500 companies run on Key Performance Indicators and now you can access the KPIs specific to your water district.

      Using our gel coupled technology, our system listens for leaks and other water anomalies.

      See the RMS noise value of the water flowing through the pipes on your SCADA system.

      Monitor the vibration of the motors that drive the pumps.

      This preventative maintenance sensor can save you from emergency repairs.

      Put on a pair of glasses or hold your cell phone camera up and, as you look at the components of the system, critical information is placed on the lenses for your viewing.

      Great for troubleshooting



      Not only do we fabricate components, design solutions, and install and maintain technologies onsite, our graphic interface produces imagery that allows real-time, at-a-glance monitoring of your entire water system.



      With Extreme Endeavors, keeping current on all aspects of water control requires no more effort than an occasional peek at your smartphone or computer screen.



      Our system automatically generates and provides accurate, up-to-date data for government and environmental agencies, which ensures compliance and prevents costly fines.

      Installation and Maintenance

      Our technology might sound like it’s developed by researchers wearing white lab coats, but we’re blue-collar workers at heart. We install every system we create, check on it regularly, and are available 24/7 should you need us.

      • First, our team of technicians will build up your entire system in our lab.

      • Then, we run specialized systems testing prior to deployment.

      • We strive to do as much of the work in our lab as possible to ensure a fast installation.

      Experiencing issues with your current system or equipment? Our technicians have experience with VFDs, automatic valves, float systems, switch gear failure, etc.

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        Extreme Endeavors’ goes beyond the development, installation, and maintenance of your water system monitoring. We take measures to make certain it remains secure and always working.

        Is it time for an upgrade? Do you have a unique problem no one has been able to solve?

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          The combination of Extreme Endeavors extraordinary products and reliable customer service have our systems expanding rapidly. Contact us today so we can get you on the books.

          One last thing to mention, even if you don't have the cash in hand for SCADA,

          we can deliver a SCADA system with no upfront cost!