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    Research Conducted

    Innovation With a Direction

    Our Research Generates Results!

    Our Products

    All of our products are a direct result of our research.  The SingleNode, IPAC, and INSCADA were all developed from our research projects.

    Every Day Occurance

    Research is an everyday occurrence at Extreme Endeavors.  Every project we undertake has a research element to it, and learning is continuous!

    Ideal Setting

    When  we designed our facility, we built on a remote site and organized our office and lab space to provide a flexible platform, adaptable for varying research needs. Whether that research involves a federal evidence-holding facility, the ability to set off combustible devices, or bench-top testing in a controlled environment, we can generally accommodate the research at a much lower cost than those facilities located in high-rise office complexes.

    We make the difficult appear easy!

    Creativity is one of our greatest assets.  Some of the most technically challenging and complex experimentation is achieved because we apply a creative, practical approach.  And yes, this approach is  significantly lower in cost than larger institutions.

    Examples of Research Projects

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    Support Services

    Where Can We Help You?

    You concentrate on the research, and we will take care of the details.


    Current experimentation greatly benefits from electronics systems that are developed to make the lowest noise, high precision samples, and output data to a computer system.  Having an engineering team that is  familiar with the fundamentals of data sampling and automation and that is able to develop specialized electronic circuits will greatly enhance your research.


    Whether it would be specialized firmware, a Labview System for Data Acquisition, a .NET application, or simply programming a Matlab code for data analysis, our software engineers are ready to help.


    Does your experiment need cryogenics at a remote site?  We have experience providing cryogenic liquids in the most remote bases in Antarctica.  Liquid nitrogen production, liquid helium storage/transfers, refrigeration and safety are all part of Extreme Endeavors' history in assisting with cryogenics.


    Whatever your infrastructure needs are, whether it is in the middle of Antarctica, access to remote villages in Papua, New Guinea  or a trailer/truck to house your experiment, Extreme Endeavors can help.  Leave the details to us so that you can concentrate on what you do best: your scientific process and the results!

    Examples Of Support Projects

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