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Endless Solutions

World Class IoT Systems Designed for Practical Applications

Why Buy From Extreme Endeavors?

Our Product sales materialize when someone picks up one of our products: the solid metal construction and ruggedness of the system sells it better than any salesperson ever could!

Purchase Individual Products or an Entire System

We will support you by helping you insert our products into your existing monitoring and control system. Or, if you prefer, we can provide an entire new system bundled to fit your application.

Software Assistance

Get free .NET and LABView drivers for each of our systems.  Our Engineers are ready to assist you with embedding our products into your application.

Our Products

These are some of the IoT products we commercialize. Click on each image for more information.

Power Monitoring- IPAC

(Intelligent Power Automation Control)

Single or Three-Phase Power
Offers safety and economy by monitoring and controlling electrical grids
View your power grid in the cloud as we partner with Verizon.


Intelligent Data Acquisition

Reliable and Rugged Data Acquisition
Reads most communication protocols
This is our most popular IoT system:  it is used at thousands of remote sites


Advanced Data Acquisition System

Larger Data Acquisition, 8 analog inputs, 12 digital I/O and 2 analog out
6.5 inch touch screen user interface
All the features of a SingleNode, only more!

Autonomous Portable Tower

Small Repeater Stations, Remote Camera and Sensor Platforms

A key element for supporting our nation’s critical infrastructure
Low-cost platform to link remote stations with RF radios
Ideal for mounting cameras at remote locations

Why did we design these products?

Customer Need

Our Products were designed to support a need.  A customer would come to us with a request, and we would make that request a reality with either a new product or modifications to an existing product.  The products have been developed to meet some of the most demanding applications.

Do You Need Something Slightly Different?

Extreme Endeavors is a small business that loves a challenge. If you have a new idea or need something slightly out of the ordinary, call us: we can help.  The structure of  large businesses makes it impossible for them to compete with us!

Lunch Anyone?

If you have a product in mind that is slightly different than what you see above, or you don't know how to manage the technology, let us know your thoughts. If it is a good fit and direction for Extreme Endeavors, you can join us for lunch one day to discuss your idea.


Idea & Concept

Do you have a new idea or a concept of an application? Contact us to see how our products can help.



Our engineers are standing by to help you with specifications and support in the use of our products.


Testing & Support

What makes a product truly great? Using it for years! You would not want to buy from a company that does a one-time production run. Continual testing and support Is critical, and we do that every day.