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Innovation That Benefits Humanity, People, and Community


    Corporate Culture

    “Extreme Endeavors is not a consultant, they are a scientific research and engineering team that provides results. A consultant is someone who talks, charges you money, and never accomplishes anything. There is a big difference between Extreme Endeavors and a consultant.”

    Customer Service Goal

    Provide customers with more than they ask for, stay within their budget, and find satisfaction in a job well done


    Every project we embark on involves research and design, allowing  our company to grow and prosper through education.  While some projects may be more technologically advanced than others, we still learn from each one.

    Why Extreme?

    Extreme Endeavors was created in the intense environment of Antarctica, yet we now make our  home in West Virginia as we provide services that support scientific research and tackle challenges like monitoring Hellhole.  Please don't let the name fool you, though: we take on a variety of projects, regardless of the size or difficulty level,  that will benefit humanity, people and community, and we find great satisfaction in each one!

    The Story

    Extreme Endeavors is a small business that started on the plateau of ice in the middle of Antarctica with the intention of supporting scientific research. It has now evolved into providing technology and innovation with significant benefits to our neighbors.   From a  smart city program to the development of our embedded systems, we strive to provide excellent service and a positive experience for our customers.

    Our Process

    If you are in need of our services, please give us a call.  Every project, no matter the size, is discussed among the staff. If we feel we would be awesome in providing you that service, then we will take on the job. If not, then we will gladly explain why or provide you a referral .  Our goal is to deliver the best value for your dollar.


    Idea & Concept

    Extreme Endeavors can help you in developing your concept. We are a team of engineers with creativity and innovation.



    Extreme Endeavors can turn that idea into reality.



    What has brought us the most success is our great assistance after implementation. We provide a life-long support process that will not abandon you.