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Extreme Health


    The Need for Better Healthcare

    As healthcare advances in the modern and more affluent communities around the globe some developing regions continue to struggle to provide adequate medical intervention for their people.

    Satisfying the Need

    Extreme Health was developed to satisfy a world-wide need for more advanced and less dependent healthcare in regions where access to quality healthcare is limited. Extreme Health's aim is to individualize healthcare in these regions by assessing the needs of that specific area, setting goals that are specified by the local community stakeholders, and educating them for independent growth and carryover.

    The Process

    Using a Three-Phase Approach, Extreme Health aims to individualize healthcare by assessing the needs of a specific area, educating those persons responsible for carryover, and providing a continuous growth model to ensure a self-sustaining and independent system.


    Phase I

    During Phase I, Extreme Health works closely with the community to develop region-specific goals and to teach the needed skills. Extreme Health will provide most of the medical intervention, instructing the medical professionals and support staff through the entirety. .


    Phase II

    Through Phase II Extreme Health and the local medical community work jointly, with Extreme Health teaching and fostering the independence of the newly developed healthcare system.


    Phase III

    In the final phase, Extreme Health leaves the region to grow their own healthcare system for independence, utilizing these new skills. The goals established initially will be monitored through a web-based evaluation system, developed by Extreme Health, in order to determine what areas are working well for the community and what needs further instruction from Extreme Health.

    Three Phase Approach

    By monitoring and assisting, Extreme Endeavors can:

    Continued Support

    Extreme Health will continue to provide web-based support, as needed.  This web-based evaluation system will monitor specific goals, provide education, and troubleshooting.  As indicated by the evaluation results, Extreme Health provides more instruction in order to ensure maximum independence.  By providing education on how to self-sustain and grow, the region becomes independent.  Thus, not relying on outside resources.

    Who We Are

    The developers of Extreme Health have very diverse backgrounds.  Michael Masterman spent 28 months living in the most isolated place in the world and was station manager when Dr. Jerri Nielson was stranded with breast cancer during the winter-over mission at the South Pole, Antarctica.  As an Electrical Engineer, he and his team developed some of the first ever telemedicine hardware and software in the most unhospitable place in the world.  As the President of Extreme Endeavors and Consulting, Mr. Masterman deals with the development of technology on a daily basis.

    Gwendolyn Masterman has worded autonomously in the remote regions of West Virginia for 20 years as an Occupational Therapist.  Many of these areas of West Virginia are impoverished and lacking of medical services.  In addition to the difficult terrain and remoteness, medical provisions are scarce.  A vast majority of the population that Ms. Masterman is involved with is uneducated about their disease, how to get well, and how to stay healthy on their own.  She has developed innovative and reliable systems and practices to help patients with limited means.  She has been very successful in finding creative solutions that were impossible to others, by gathering an organizing resources to achieve success for the patient and/or community. Her international presence is noted as she mobilized other healthcare professionals and volunteers to secure the fabrication and delivery of prosthetic limbs to children living in Belize.

    Client Testimonials

    "Impressed with the professional and polite manner displayed by Gwen which helped me get back on my feet" ~Tony

    “You are so kind and compassionate” ~Lynn

    “Of all of the therapists coming in, you have done the most for us” ~Donald

    “My husband has made so much progress since Gwen began working with him” ~Sally

    "When I knew I needed services again, I requested you" ~Doris