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Intelligent Power Automation Control- Three Phase

IPAC 3P - Extreme Endeavors

Reduce operating cost, improve safety and insure that your critical infrastructure remains powered.

The IPAC 3P is an intelligent power monitoring and control system that offers safety and economy by monitoring, controlling, and feeding back on electrical installations and equipment. Specially designed for 3 phase power, the system can measure all the important parameters and feedback the information online.


The IPAC was initially designed for use in SCADA systems. SCADA, (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems  use the IPAC 3P to monitor the power going in to electrical assets. Monitoring the power going in to your 3-phase system is important, as voltage spikes can damage expensive equipment. Power companies do not publish data or inform customers when the supply goes outside of the expected parameters. The IPAC 3P clearly demonstrates when this has happened, identifies problems, and shows a direct cause of damaged equipment.


The system will alert you to problems, such as when a pump goes into cavitation and there is a lack of input pressure. It can also measure excessive current load when an armature shorts out. The IPAC 3P offers real additional benefits to any SCADA system by confirming pumps have started when turned on and that they are functioning properly.


When you use an IPAC 3P to monitor and measure the power going into a building, you can receive feedback on all the factors that are important for safety, cost, and efficiency in running equipment. The system will notify you and present evidence when the power supply is outside of required or safety parameters. You will then have evidence of any damage caused by fluctuations.


It is perfect for locations that require continuous operational capability, such as military, police, and city buildings. The built-in features that protect sensitive equipment make it ideal for emergency call centers and facilities that have communication, computer, and server systems.


Main Communication: Ethernet

RS 485 / Modbus Compatible

3 digital I/O’s

Parameters Monitored

Voltage, Phase to Phase or Phase to Neutral


Power Factor

Phase Angles

Configure The IPAC 3P for your Network

IP Address and Port

Push or pull data

Many more… And we can embed algorithms in the firmware as well