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Internet of Things Systems

Quality Products to Support your Next Electrical Panel Build


  • IoT Controller and Data Acquisition System
  • Currently used at hundreds of remote sites for monitor and control systems
  • Changes configurations based on your needs and communicates with simple network commands


  • Remote/Solar-powered data acquisition systems
  • Small Scale SCADA solution
  • Network control of pumps and motors
  • Opening and closing of variable valves
  • Mine water discharge Monitoring
  • Chemical additive stations
  • Industrial control and Monitoring
  • Assembly

Interface description


Q: What was the SingleNode first developed for?

A: The SingleNode was first developed to Monitor HellHoleCave (https://www.extreme-endeavors.com/micro-climate-research/) however we quickly adapted it for commercialization in the water industry.

Q: What is the primary use for the SingleNode?

A: Currently, the most popular function of the SingleNode is tank monitoring and pump control for water districts.  However, the ability to configure the SingleNode is causing it to grow into other applications, such as source water protection, rare earth element mining, building entry systems, and many more applications

Q: How do I communicate with the SingleNode?

A: Open a TCPIP port and send it commands.  Some commands return data, others set digital I/O’s and others change how the device is configured.

Q:  Can I use the SingleNode to add a network interface to the equipment I sell?

A: Of course, call our engineers to discuss the application.  Having a SingleNode hidden in your device could give you many features and very low development costs


  • IoT Single Phase Power Monitor
  • Low cost and simple
  • Ideal for small power drop applications at remote sites



  • Low Cost, Small Size Solution for Power Monitoring


  • Intelligent Circuit Breaker
  • Turn Off Power If Voltage or Current Limits are Out of Range
  • Reports Voltage or Current Fault Over the Network
  • Automatically Retry Power Circuit Based on Configuration Settings


  • Priority Load Management Solution
  • Remove Power From Loads Based on User Assigned Priority Level
  • Control Power Based on Time or Date
  • Establishes a Microgrid with Incredible Power Saving

Data Sheets


Q: What does IPAC stand for?

A: Intelliget Power Automation Control

Q: Why is this IPAC different from the IPAC 3P?

A: This is a single Phase IPAC, which Monitors the power of a standard 220 V single phase.

Q: How is the Voltage measured?

A: Each phase is referenced to Ground/Neutral so that each phase should read 120V RMS


  • IoT 3 Phase Power Monitoring Solution for SCADA and Motor Control Applications
  • Key elements of any SCADA system
  • Simple network commands with driver available


  • Monitors Current, Voltage, and Phase Angles
  • Circuit Protection
  • Industrial Equipment Monitoring
  • Industrial Expansion
  • Electrical Engineering

Measurements Include:

  • VRMS
  • IRMS
  • Power Factor
  • Current to Current Angle
  • Voltage to Voltage Angle
  • Other parameters available upon request

Data Sheets

Screen View


Q: Can I use the IPAC 3P for monitoring and control?

A: Yes, there are Digital I/O on the connector and RS422 communication.

Q: How do I communicate with the IPAC 3P?

A: Open a TCPIP port and send it commands.  Some commands return data, others set digital I/O’s and others change how the device is configured.

Q: What is the difference between the IPAC 3P C and the normal IPAC 3P?

A: The IPAC 3P C automatically sends data back to the Extreme Endeavors Cloud platform to allow the user to easily view the data.  The normal IPAC 3P is used for Machine to Machine communications, such as in a control system.  They utilize the exact same hardware, the firmware inside is different.

Q: Can I switch between IPAC 3P C and IPAC 3P modes?

A: At this time no; however, in the next couple of months we will be coming out with a firmware upgrade that will allow this.


  • IoT Data Acquisition with large user interface
  • Industrial control with specialized graphics
  • Extreme Endeavors programs it for your specific needs


• All-In-One tank monitor module
• Multiple power options
• 120VAC powered
• Solar powered with battery voltage monitoring
• 120VAC power with solar failover
• Monitors tank pressure
• Passive PoE output to power external network device
• 12VDC external power
• SPDT dry contact relay supporting up to 8A
• Digital input
• Supports RS-485 sensors

Data Sheets

Screen View


Q: What makes the INSCADA different than the SingleNode?

A: The first difference is the large touch screen. Secondly, the INSCADA has more inputs and outputs to allow for fewer devices. Additionally, the user can select the desired voltage for digital outputs – 3.3V, 5V,12V, and 24V.