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Intelligent Nodal Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition

  • Eight (8) high precision analog inputs, current or voltage configurable

  • Four (4) low precision analog inputs

  • Two (2) analog output for control, current or voltage configurable.

  • Four (4) digital inputs or outputs, user selectable at 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and 24V.

  • Four (4) 3.3 V Digital inputs or outputs

  • Supports Ethernet or RS485 communications

  • Wide input power Range: 9 to 36 volts

Rugged Machined Aluminum Enclosure with Touch Screen

A bright touch screen display lets the user view the screen and operate the user interface in the brightest of sunlight. The capacitive touch technology front panel of the IN-SCADA lets the user control the system in the winter months with a gloved hand. The enclosure is machined from a solid block of aluminum and has an air tight, waterproof seal that lets the IN-SCADA work in any environment.

Application Examples

The INSCADA is used in monitoring the abandoned landfills in West Virginia.

  • Main control center for a single landfill

  • Records leachate collection

  • Codes driver offload of leachate for billing through entering a code in the screen or by the swipe of an RFID card

  • Provides daily, weekly, monthly and annual reporting

  • Connected to an RFID reader, ModBus sensors, 4-20 mA sensors, and more

  • All powered by solar energy!

The INSCADA is used to monitor and control water processing and production.

  • Controls water inflow into the plant

  • Adds chemicals and agents to purify the water and measures its clarity

  • Fills a clear well, insuring that it does not overflow

  • Turns on high-service pumps based on external factors

  • Displays the process for the operator

Ideal for Sewage Lift Stations

  • Monitors levels to prevent overflow and turn on pumps

  • Monitors flows

  • Monitors structures and temperatures to insure that the system does not freeze

  • Alarms operators in the event of high or low flows

  • Allows communication with other stations to coordinate operation