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Infrasonics Research With NASA

Question: How can we search for caves on Mars?

Problem: Cave detection has traditionally been geared towards military applications rather than towards geological research, so we had to come up with a better method of detection.

  • NASA Langley Research Center had developed an infrasonic detector the size of a basketball while most infrasonic sensors are over 100 feet in diameter.

  • The sensor was given to Extreme Endeavors to determine if air variation and pressure differentials could create an infrasonic signature.

  • Extreme Endeavors determined that caves do produce an infrasonic signature, and further investigation found that the signature is based on the opening and depth of cave.

  • We found that Infrasonics could be used for many tasks such as: measuring human gait, identification of a particular vehicle in motion, wind turbine noise, and forest fire detection.

  • Our research led us to a new question: If we can use an infrasonic sensor to detect caves, could bats possibly use the same concept to find their caves?