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Electrical Panel Products

Quality Products to Support your Next Electrical Panel Build

DIN Rail Mount POE Injector

Provide Power To POE Devices, saving money over powered switches and routers.

  • Wireless Access Point

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Video Cameras

4-20mA Surge Protector

Protects sensors and sensing electronics from surges and overvoltage conditions.

  • Ideal for 4-20mA pressure sensors

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Remote Sensing

RS485 to RS422 Convertor and Digital I/O Expander

Converts from 4 wire to 2 wire communication protocal and allows connection of digital I/O Over modbus

  • Converts 4 wire RS422 to 2 wire RS85

  • Control of Digital I/O via RS485 or RS422 Via Modbus Commands

  • Relay Closure Via RS485 and RS422 Modbus commands

Ethernet Brake out

Converts RJ45 to Wires, DIN Rail mount

  • Prototyping and Testing

  • Breakout for Industrial Applications

  • Breakout for Embedded Systems

AC Surge Protector

AC Surge Protector and Breakout module for up to 3 Amps for 120 Volts

  • Ideal for low power control boxes in industrial applications

  • Protect Network Equipment in Harsh Environments

  • A tool for Electricians on those dificult locations

Motor Control Swith

3.3 Volt input creates a Relay Closure for Controlling Motors and Valves

  • Ideal for 4-20mA Pressure Sensors

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Remote Sensing