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Chemical Safety and Hazards Investigation Support

Question: What caused the January 30th, 2007, explosion that killed four people In Ghent, West Virginia?

Water Cutting to Dissect Propane Tank and Further Investigate Valve Malfunction.

Problem: We had to analyze a propane tank and find the failure mechanism.

  • A federal evidence holding pen was created on our property where we kept the propane tank that we needed to investigate.

  • Thirty (30) attorneys and legal representatives were invited to watch the testing procedure along with Federal Investigators.

  • We built a data acquisition system to record the test, which showed that a check lock valve had failed and allowed the propane to escape during a standard transfer.

  • A ship dismantling crew was brought to the Extreme Endeavors headquarters to use specialized, portable water cutting tools to safely remove the valve from the propane tank.

  • Radiography imaging was then used to further analyze the failure mechanisms of the check valve.

Results of the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation