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Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Treatment Automation

Precisely Control the PH of Your Site

Fuzzy Logic Algorithm used to Precisely Control the PH Level Based on the Start and End Points.



Web Based / Internet of Things Solution to Improve your AMD Treatment



See the AMD Treatment Process in “Real Time” On Your Web Browser, allowing you to Naturally Understand The Process



Provide data to government and environmental agencies ensuring compliance and eliminating costly fines

Automation From Experienced Engineers

  • Monitor Water Quality, PH, Temperature, Turbidity, Volume

  • Control the PH Through the Addition Of Caustics and Cycling Through Natural Processes

  • Measure Water Volume and Flow

  • Measure and Control Voltage and Current to Motors and Equipment

Data Base Archive of All Sensor Readings and Control Decisions

Historical Data Allowing you see Trending and Historical Data

Higher Quality AMD Treatment at Lower Cost

Mobile or Fixed Platforms

Engineering, Installation and Life Cycle Maintenance