Extreme Endeavors went into business in Englewood Colorado with one customer, Lucent Technologies.  The main focus behind this first project was to provide design assistance this web to Lucent Technologies in Satellite communications.  After this first project the owner of Extreme Endeavors headed to Antarctica for a year as the station manager at the South Pole base.

Development begins to transform our research into technology to support critical infrastructure.  Water distributors around West Virginia approached Extreme Endeavors asking for a better way to control water distribution to thousands of customers, and we responded

Extreme Endeavors enters into its first government contract with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory to assist with installation of hardware we designed to support scientific research.   One would be hard pressed to find a business that can claim there first major contract left them dropped off on a mountain top in Antarctica.

Initiate development of cloud based support system for our monitoring systems.  Programming began that provided the user interface for the network based monitoring of our sensors.  However this concept did not stop there, our cloud system was develop to monitor the health of a network.

Extreme Endeavors is Awarded there first Phase I SBIR project from the National Institutes of Health.  Our goal for this project was to design a vital sign monitoring system for fire fighters. The project then lead to Phase II with the National Institutes of Health and an additional SBIR with SOCOM.

Extreme Endeavors focus expands to provide research and development and a customer support division to migrate our innovation to support critical infrastructure. 

Extreme Endeavors is contracted by Greer Lime to start one of the worlds largest cave monitoring projects known.   This project, with a spectacular beginning, is still underway today and has become the standard for environmental monitoring inside caves. 

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