Extreme Endeavors has traveled the globe for our customers.  We can provide services on just about any mountain top, under ground or under water.  We have specialized in taking technology into the most remote and dangerous places imaginable. Extreme Endeavors' CEO was the 1999 South Pole Winter Site Manager, the South Pole Science Coordinator and was instrumental in astrophysics research at the bottom of the earth. He spent two winter-overs and a total of 28 months in Antarctica. The staff members at Extreme Endeavors are certainly no strangers to extreme conditions and environments. 

Yes. Extreme Endeavors works with several engineering firms to give them access to our technology and innovations.  Give us a call to discuss how you can use our our hardware to support your current customers.

We have a very strict safety code. If someone notices an unsafe practice, situation or problem, all work stops until that safety hazard is corrected.  Safety is absolutely our highest priority.  When you work for Extreme Endeavors, your top priority is always safety: there are no exceptions to this rule!


We can sense or control just about anything. So, the question becomes,  "Is it economical and cost effective for you?"  Call us to discuss your needs, and we can give you some insight into the project costs.

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