Our Mission

Extreme Endeavors provides innovation that benefits humanity, people and community.  We make technology available to every person and remove the frustration behind technology and solve the customers problem.

Quality Products Combined with Scientific and Engineering Support that Provides Results!

What we do was best described by one of our mining customers when he stated:

“Extreme Endeavors is not a consultant, they are a scientific research and engineering team that provides results. A consultant is someone who talks, charges you money, and never accomplishes anything. There is a big difference between Extreme Endeavors and a consultant.”

We take a customer's problem and develop a solution to that problem centered around technology. The problem sometimes involves working with a truly austere environment (such as our work in Antarctica!). However, on most days our customers call on us to provide service that involves technology in a standard office or laboratory environment.  Either way, whether in the office or in the most extreme conditions nature can offer, we've got you covered!

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Our Vision

  • Be a global leader in the development of technology to benefit society
  • Provide affordable, quality products that enhance our environment
  • Make life simpler and better though technology


Corporate social responsibility


Provide the customer with more than they asked for, stay within their budget, Be honest, and a find satisfaction in a job well done.

“Sustaining an audience is hard,”Bruce Springsteen once said. “It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.” He was talking about his route to music stardom, yet his words are just as applicable to the world of customer experience.


Consistency may be one of the least-inspirational topics for most managers. Yet, it’s exceptionally powerful, especially at a time when retail channels are flourishing, and consumer choice and empowerment are increasing. 

  • Consistency in the Customer journey:   Extreme Endeavors continually works to provide customers with superior service. Each area of our business has clear policies, rules, and supporting mechanisms to ensure consistency during every interaction. 


  • Consistency in Emotions:  Positive customer-experience emotions - encompassed in a feeling of trust - are the biggest drivers of satisfaction and loyalty. Consistency is particularly important to us as we build a relationship of trust with our customers.


  • Consistency in Communication:  Extreme Endeavors is driven by more than simply the combination of promises made and promises kept:  ensuring that the customers recognize the delivery of those promises is critical!  This requires our taking the initiative to shape communication and key messages that consistently highlight delivery as well as themes.  We work hard to generate a reservoir of goodwill and remain strong on the basis of being consistent over time in fulfilling our promises.

Every Project and/or Product Must Benefit Society and/or the Environment

What keeps a company focussed is working towards a common goal.  At Extreme Endeavors, we do that by taking on projects and developing products that management and employees find beneficial for humanity and the environment alike.  


Every Project and Product Involves Research and Development

The Extreme Endeavors philosophy is that combining research with development provides a team with powerful, production-quality groundwork as well as a large user base.  This results not only in advanced innovative research, but also in valuable new commercial capabilities.


By handling both the research and development phases of your project, we can minimize or even eliminate the traditional technology transfer process, which has proven challenging to other companies. Each time you have to call in a different team of professionals to handle a different phase of your project, you basically "start over again" with screening and hiring new teams, meeting to convey your purpose and needs, briefing on past progress, and more.  When Extreme Endeavors handles the project, we work with a given technology from the research stage through to the product stage, saving you time and man-power while keeping crucial information contained in one database. This close collaboration and integration ensures the reality of the problems being investigated: the research is conducted on real systems (yours!) and with real users (you!).  There is no loss of time, money or information that results from having to deal with multiple organizations.


Our flexible organization also provides diverse opportunities for our employees and has positive implications on our innovation culture and hiring ability.

What’s new?

Extreme Endeavors Develops a New Website for the Barbour County Chamber of Commerce

The Barbour County Chamber of Commerce contracted with Extreme Endeavors in the setup, programming and content creation of a new website.  The goal was to give the chamber a fresh, clean, modern look that allows the Chamber to bring new business ventures into the community.

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Advancing Our Capabilities in Image Processing from Miniature Embedded Systems

Measuring only a couple square inches is a printed circuit board with a camera and lens system from a cell phone. This small and inconspicuous device (still in the prototyping stage) sitting on the programmer's desk is an image processing system.   

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SingleNode used to provide TCP/IP Converstion for Mine Safety

SingleNode is being used by Murray Energy to provide a data link to access information about the mining operation

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