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Extreme Endeavors Newest Product, SingleNode


Single Node Now for Sale on

The SingleNode is now available for purchase on, allowing customers from around the world access to this new technology. The SingleNode is a configurable system that can automatically monitor and control systems based on register configurations. The SingleNode, measuring just 3.55 x 2.28 x 1.74 inches, has the following features:

  • 2 high precision analog inputs, current or voltage configurable
  • 1 analog output for control, current or voltage configurable
  • 4 digital inputs or outputs
  • Supports Ethernet, RS232 or RS485 communications
  • Onboard data storage


Tags: Monitor and Control, Automation, Configurability


Extreme Endeavors Featured in Clarksburg Exponent


Extreme Endeavors operates on philosophy of efficiency, versatility

On Sunday, December 15th, 2013 Extreme Endeavors was featured in an article in the Clarksburg Exponent. This article highlights how our technology team provides an advantage with quick decision-making capability and custom work.

Newspaper Article Link  

Tags: Custom Design, Technology Development, Efficiency, Versatility


A Typical Day In Hellhole!


What do you imagine when you think of going into a place like Hellhole? Every two years Extreme Endeavors must enter Hellhole to replace environmental monitoring sensors. During this trip we outfitted ourselves with video gear to document what a typical day working in Hellhole includes.

Tags: Microclimate, Cave, Hellhole, Environment

Low Cost Load Cell


Extreme Endeavors has quietly been working with RCBI on a low cost load cell. Do you want to measure the level of something without touching the liquid or contents of the tank? We can slide four of these sensors under your tank provide a way to measure level. This was originally developed for the propane industry, but we are looking at using this on flocculent tanks, caustic solutions, and lime containers among others.

If you are the manufacturer or reseller of a chemicals, agents, or items, imagine if you could arrange a deal with your customer so that they never run out of your product. Are you supplying flocculants to Industry? Are you supplying dusting lime to the coal companies? Are you a propane supplier? This low cost load cell could help you ease your customers re-ordering burden!

Tags: Load, Weight, Flocculent, Propane, Pressure

Load Cell

Release of Cave Microclimate Video


Our microclimate research performed in partnership with Greer Industries is highlighted in this video.  Greer Industries is a West Virginia based corporation with innovative and proactive approaches for maintaining and protecting the environment.

Tags: Microclimate, Environment, Cave, Hellhole, Schoolhouse, Mining, Bats

Extreme Endeavors Technology Makes the News


Extreme Endeavors innovative approach to monitor and control is highlighted by WBOY Channel 12 News and WDTV Channel 5 News. One of the focus points of the news report was that the system was designed, fabricated, programmed and installed using local resources. This emphasized the benefit to the local economy. One of the hardest concepts to convey in a news story, however, is the level of technological innovation that went into the Central Barbour Public Service District monitor and control system. Having automated decision making capabilities within the software makes this system truly unique and innovative.

Tags: Economic Benefit, Small Business, Water, SCADA, Monitor and Control, Automation

12 News

5 News

Public Service District Open House to Demonstrate SCADA Technology


On April 18th, 2013, the Central Barbour Public Service District (PSD) will have an open house to demonstrate the latest in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Extreme Endeavors recently integrated Intelligent Power Automatic Control (IPAC) technology and will be demonstrating this technology at the Central Barbour PSD open house. Contact Us for directions. In addition, featured at this open house will be our IN-SCADA system, an intelligent based water control system unlike any other used in the industry.

Tags: Monitor and Control, SCADA, Power Monitoring, IPAC, Water Control

Annual Cave Report Shows Greer Industries' Ecological Stewardship 3/11/13

It's that time of year when Extreme Endeavors compiles all the data from our cave monitoring project and submits a report on the microclimate research we have been performing in Hellhole and Schoolhouse Cave in Germany Valley, WV. This year we continued to learn more about the microclimate profiles that caves exhibit.

Tags: Microclimate, Hellhole, Schoolhouse Cave, Greer Industries, Environmental Stewards

Upgrade of the Water Control System Using Our IPAC Technology 3/1/13

Recently the Central Barbour Public Service District purchased several IPAC (Intelligent Power Automated Control) modules and a software package from Extreme Endeavors. These items combined with the IN-SCADA system is providing them with an unprecidented level of intelligence in there water control system.

The software performs a check of over 70 state conditions in its decision process to insure the safest and most efficient distribution of water throughout Barbour County, West Virginia. Extreme Endeavors is finishing up this project by installing solar panels at one of their booster stations to provide off-the-grid power during emergencies. 

Tags: Power Monitroing, Water Control, IPAC, SCADA, Solar

Industrial and Mining Water Discharge 2/14/13

Water discharge from an industrial site can be costly for a business to keep within regulations.  Removing particulates from the water is a critical step before it runs into streams.  Holding ponds are part of the answer, the another part is adding flocculent to the discharge.  The problem with this is that flocculent is expensive.  So we designed a float control system that only discharges the flocculent when enough water is being discharged to warrent the needed chemical. 

What better can be said about a product than that in under a year it pays for itself and it helps the environment!

Tags: Flocculent, Discharge Water, Environmental Regulation, Industrial Run-off, Chemical Additive

Single Node Improvements 1/22/13

The Single Node is an electronic component that we designed and fabricated that turns just about any electronic measuring sensor into a network capable instrument. We have been using this product for years to provide monitoring solutions to our customers. It is a small component that a customer never sees, yet it provides access to the data they rely on.

We have initiated several improvements to the Single Node product. Not only does it have more hardware features, but with improved software capabilities, connection to most sensor or control implementations can be done in a single day. One of our newest features allows the Single Node to be powered using Power Over Ethernet (POE).

Tags: Sensors, Control, Power Over Ethernet, Network Interface, OEM

Single Node PCB

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